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EVA Foam Gasket Sheet Benefits, Price and No.1 Manufacturer Near Me


 In colorful diligence, icing operative sealing is pivotal to conserve product veracity, help leakage, and enhance common interpretation. One result that has gained significant fashionability is the EVA Foam Gasket Sheet. This protean substance offers a batch of advantages, making it an ideal liberty for a wide range of sealing operations. In this composition, we will explore the features, vantages, and operations of EVA Foam Gasket Sheet.


What’s EVA Foam Gasket Sheet?

EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) foam is a durable and adjustable substance generally exercised in artificial operations, involving sealing and gasketing. EVA Foam Gasket Sheet are formed by compacting and hotting EVA foam, performing in a homogeneous, unrestricted- cell structure. This process provides the foam with excellent sealing parcels, making it ideal for colorful environmental conditions.
Manufacturer Details:
TRS Industries LLP (Manufacturer of EVA Foam Gasket)
Contact Details :- +91-9891348833
Mail I’d :- [email protected]
Address: Plot No.55, Udhyog Kendra-II, Ecotech-III, Greater Noida, GB Nagar, Uttar Pradesh (201306)

An image of eva foam gasket

Features and vantages

Excellent Sealing parcels EVA foam gasket sheets retain outstanding sealing capabilities, allowing them to produce airtight and watertight seals. The unrestricted- cell structure prevents the passage of air, humidity, dust, and other patches, icing dependable security for sensitive outfit.

Inflexibility and Compression Recovery EVA foam gasket sheet parade remarkable inflexibility, allowing them to check to irregular shells and daedal shapes.  also, they extend excellent contraction reclamation, meaning they can return to their initial shape after being condensed, icing a harmonious and dependable seal.

Manufacturer Details:
TRS Industries LLP (Manufacturer of EVA Foam Gasket)
Contact Details :- +91-9891348833
Mail I’d :- [email protected]
Address: Plot No.55, Udhyog Kendra-II, Ecotech-III, Greater Noida, GB Nagar, Uttar Pradesh (201306)

  Chemical Resistance EVA Foam Gasket Sheets demonstrate defiance to a wide range of chemicals, involving canvases, detergents, acids, and alkalis. This chemical defiance makes them able for operations where exposure to colorful substances is common.

       Weather Resistance The essential rainfall- resistant parcels of EVA foam gasket Sheets make them ideal for both inner and out-of-door operations. They can repel UV radiation, extreme temperatures, and environmental procurators without descending, icing long- lasting interpretation.

Shock immersion and Vibration enervating EVA foam possesses excellent shock immersion and vibration damping parcels. These characteristics make it an operative liberty for sealing operations where jolt or vibration can do, similar as in transportation outfit or artificial ministry.


Electronics and Electrical Closes EVA foam gasket sheet are extensively exercised in the electronics and electrical assiduity to seal enclosures and cover sensitive factors from environmental procurators like humidity, dust, and electromagnetic hindrance. Automotive and Aerospace diligence In the automotive and aerospace spots, EVA foam gasket  Sheets  detect  operation in sealing  portals, windows, doors, and other  factors. They give operative sequestration against  bruit , clifoammate, and rainfall conditions. HVAC Systems EVA foam gasket  sheets are  exercised to seal air  tubes, pipes, and ventilation systems in heating, ventilation, and air exertion( HVAC) operations. Their sealing  parcels  support  help air leakage and conserve dynamism effectiveness. Medical bias EVA Gasket  Sheets are assumed in the medical assiduity to seal colorful outfit and  bias, icing cleanliness, security against pollutants, and meliorated patient security. Packaging and Sealing Foam Gasket Sheets are also employed in packaging operations to produce a secure seal for holders, precluding spillage and impurity.

EVA Foam Gasket Pricing

Eva Foam Gasket Price depends on it’s size. From 1 to 25mm EVA Gasket price starts from ₹1 to ₹25 varies on its size and design. If you are looking for a manufacturer who can provide you best prices with finest quality and exact matched size with your product, there are two manufacturer details given below –
1st Manufacturer Details:
TRS Industries LLP (Manufacturer of EVA Foam Fitments and Gasket)
Contact Details :- +91-9891348833
Mail I’d :- [email protected]
Address: Plot No.55, Udhyog Kendra-II, Ecotech-III, Greater Noida, GB Nagar, Uttar Pradesh (201306)

2nd Manufacturer Details:
Taksh Enterprises (Manufacturer of EVA Foam Products)
Contact Details :- +91-9891348811
Mail I’d :- [email protected]
Address:– Udhyog Kendra II, Ecotech-III, Greater Noida, GB Nagar, Uttar Pradesh (201306)


EVA foam gasket sheets extend a protean and  operative  result for sealing operations in colorful diligence. With their  unusual sealing parcels, inflexibility, chemical defiance, and rainfall defiance, they give dependable security against humidity, dust, climate, and other environmental procurators. Whether it’s in electronics, automotive, aerospace, or medical operations, EVA foam gasket sheets have proven to be a trusted liberty for scoring dependable and long- lasting seals.

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Contact Now For Any Query :
EVA Foam Fitment Manufacture and Supplier Contact Details
[email protected]
Address: Plot No. 55, Udhyog Kendra-II, Ecotech-III, Greater Noida, G.B. Nagar U.P.(201306)


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