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Expanded Polyethylene Foam | EPE Foam | Hitlon Foam

Expanded polyethylene foam, commonly known as EPE Foam or Hitlon Foam, is a lightweight, flexible, and durable material that is widely used for packaging, insulation, and cushioning. Commonly It is used for saving the fragile(breakable) products from breakages. It is made by heating and expanding small beads of polyethylene, which then fuse together to form a sheet of foam with a closed-cell structure. The Foam which is result of this process has a soft, cushioned texture and is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and UV radiation.

What is Anti-Static Material?

Anti-Static material are generally referred to the material which can inhibit triboelectric charging. That means any material which has ability to prevent the supply of electricity is called Anti-Static Materials. Anti-Static EPE(expanded polyethylene) Foam have the ability to prevent the electricity shock.

What is Anti-Static Foam?

Anti-static EPE foam is created by adding an anti-static agent to the polyethylene beads before they are heated and expanded. The agent is typically a chemical compound that is designed to reduce the surface resistance of the foam and help it dissipate static electricity. This is important because static electricity can damage sensitive electronic components, such as computer chips, circuits, and other devices.

Anti-Static EPE Foam is available in different thicknesses, densities, and colors, depending on the specific application. It can be custom cut and shaped to fit the exact dimensions of the product it is protecting, which helps to ensure a snug and secure fit. Additionally, Anti-Static EPE Foam can be laminated with other materials, such as foil or film, to create a moisture barrier or enhance its protective properties.

Some Common Applications of Anti-Static EPE Foam include:

Anti-Static EPE Foam Fitment
  • Packaging and shipping of electronic components, such as microprocessors, hard drives, and memory chips.
  • Protection of delicate instruments and equipment, such as scientific instruments and medical devices.
  • Use in cleanrooms and other controlled environments where static electricity and dust contamination are concerns.
  • Cushioning and padding of furniture, sports equipment, and other items that need protection during transport or storage.

Anti-static EPE foam is a versatile and reliable material that offers excellent protection against static electricity and other forms of damage. Its lightweight and flexible nature make it easy to handle and shape, while its anti-static properties ensure that electronic components and other sensitive materials are kept safe during transport and storage.

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